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Vino e vita
Wine and Life

The Salento experience – for us this is wine, excellent food and a pace of life that allows you to live. Enjoy Wine and Life during a four-day trip to the Salento and let us spoil you.

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Vino e vita
13-17 JUNE 2019
10-14 October 2019

Enjoy fine wine and oil tastings, the local cuisine of the Salento, and also have enough time to relax and take in the beauty of the region.

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Vino e vita

The wines of the Salento region, the southernmost tip of Italy’s “boot heel”, are outstanding.  The Primitivo, a pleasing full-bodied wine that brings to mind the rich red soil of the region, has already made a name for itself worldwide. But the Salento offers more delicious reds to savour, like Malvasia, Negroamaro and Salice Salentino.

For the white wine lover there is the Fiano, the white Malvasia or the Verdeca.


The Rosato, a full-bodied pink wine, is a very popular speciality here. Served chilled on a hot summer’s evening it goes down a treat.


Tasting the food of the region is a culinary delight. The delicious local cuisine is unique and made from mainly “zero kilometre” farm produce.

However, the Salento is so much more than its wonderful wines and food. Here your soul is captured by the beautiful beaches, the unspoilt landscape, the stretching vistas of vineyards, olive orchards and pine forests – and then there is the awe-inspiring baroque architecture of the historic town centers.

Enjoy Wine and Life during a four-day trip to the Salento and let us spoil you.

The Offer

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