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ANTICO PALMENTO is an historic winery in Manduria now owned by Bruno Garafano and his family. After having worked in wine production for over 40 years, Bruno’s passion for this culture prompted him to start his own family run ‘cantina’. Palmento is the Italian word for the building where the grapes are turned into wine, and Bruno’s Palmento is a very special one. Here the wine is allowed to ferment in ancient stone vats. His philosophy is: no tricks, no shortcuts and lots of peace while the wine rests. The result is a limited production of extremely tasty wines, both red and rosato all made from the Primitivo grape.

Antico Palmento Cantina
Vigna antico Palemento
Vendemia antico Palemnta


The Conti Zecca winery has existed for almost 450 years. It is one of the biggest and most prominent wine producers in Puglia. It was in 1580 when the Neapolitan family Zecca moved to Puglia where they started growing the first grapes in the town of Leverano. But it wasn’t until 1935 that Conte Alcibiade Zecca founded the ‘cantina’ for their first wine production. This cantina put Leverano on the map as one of the most important wine trading spots in Puglia. Today Conti Zecca produces a multitude of different wines that are exported all over the world.

vigneto Conti Zecca
Barriques Conti Zecca


Masseria La Cornula was originally built in 1600. Brothers, Stefano and Cesare Sabato bought the estate in 2006 and completely restored the buildings also creating guest rooms, a restaurant and a spa and an oil tasting hall. Here they produce award winning olive oil from a large variety of olive cultivars, including: Lecino, Cima di Melfi, Cellina di Nardò. A delight for the palate of any gourmet.

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SANCHIRICO is the name of the masseria that stands in the middle of the dell’Antoglietta family’s vineyards. The ‘protagonista’ of their winery is the Negroamaro grape. The family dates back to 1560, when Francesco dell’Antoglietta started making wine close to the city of Taranto. Eventually the great grandfather of today’s owner Gianluca, founded Sanchirico in 1908.
Gianluca’s motto is: Good wine can only grow where the earth is treated with respect. It’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality.

grapes san chirico
bottles in earth san chirico
cantina san chirico


The winery of Schola Sarmenti is in the centre of Nardò, one of the most picturesque old towns of the Salento, with its seaside resorts of Santa Maria al Bagno and Santa Caterina. The old winery which was built in the first half of the 19th century was bought jointly by the Calabrese family and the Marra family. The beautiful restoration of the buildings took three years to complete. Today Schola Sarmenti produce a range of award winning red, white and rosato wines.

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